Food Photographer Melbourne

Food Photography

We specialise in good quality food photograhy for restaurants, cafes and caterers across the hospitality industry. We provide you with enticing food photography which you can use to share on your social media, takeaway third party apps and website.

We love  photographing food. Do you know what makes a great food shot?

You guessed it, the lighting.  I actually learnt my food photography skills from a Dutch photographer working in Hong Kong 20 years ago, and while the style of food and photography has changed (not to mention the medium – film has long gone), lighting camera placement, lens choice is still as important as it was back then.

Don’t forget that we are also the photography studio that comes to you, right to your doorstep! No need to find space in your work place to set up a professional studio or take your products to another location. How convenient!

Recently that our client shared on Facebook a photo we took of their beer & pizza which got over 14,000 views, I reckon that’s a pretty good return on investment for one photo.

The service is fantastic! The studio set up made the food look fantastic. Amazing return from such little time invested.” – MV PEARL




Food Photography

Photography Content Creation sessions for the food industry start at $495.
For detailed pricing information & book your session here.